St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade

My family is seriously Irish. 

For us, marching in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade is an annual tradition.  This was the perfect year to march since it fell on a Saturday and I'm living in NYC. 

My family marches with a group representing County Mayo, the county in Ireland where both my Father's Parents were born and raised. Along with a ton of other people representing County Mayo, including some distant relatives I had never met before, my family and I met on 48th street behind the County banner. We marched down 5th Avenue until 79th street.

The weather on Saturday was much like what I imagine the (non-rainy) weather to be in Ireland: crisp and refreshing, but chilly enough to inspire a coat and thick sweater.  It was ideal for marching past landmarks like St. Patrick's Cathedral and Central Park. Afterwards my Dad and I hung around at local pubs on the Upper East Side and eventually made our way to Connelly's in Midtown to watch The Druids, an Irish band from Kildare.

New York City has changed a lot since my Nanny and Grandpa immigrated here in the 1950s. I'm grateful to have landmarks like St. Patrick's Cathedral (pictured above) and the St. Patrick's Day parade to remind me of their journey. 

A lot of people associate St. Patrick's Day with crowded bars and unruly crowds. For me, it will always be a family day.


Oh, and I impulse bought a flight to Ireland for October. Stay tuned for more updates on that- it'll be my first time in the Emerald Isle!