Broadway Lotteries: They Say Things Happen In Threes...

They say that things happen in threes. In my case, this is true of winning Broadway ticket lotteries.

Over the past four weeks I've won the lottery to three different shows:

  • Angels in America on March 31

  • Miss You Like Hell on April 17

  • Once On This Island on April 21

Each of my gallant victories has been made all the sweeter by the fact that I won via three different lottery mediums:

  • Angels in America – won online and paid $37/ticket per part ($72 for part I and II)
  • Miss You Like Hell – won on the TodayTix App and paid $20/ticket + $7.50 processing fee
  • Once On This Island – won in person and paid $50/ticket

It may not be the same as winning the Mega Millions Jackpot, but I truly am grateful that the Broadway ticket lotteries make it possible to purchase Broadway tickets at affordable prices. It's hard to be a theater addicted twenty-something living on a budget in New York City! I really don't know what I'd do without the Broadway ticket lotteries.

Late March/April 2018 turned out to be one of the best months I've had in New York, in terms of seeing high quality shows at reasonable prices, and it wouldn't have happened at all without lotteries. I had been dying to see Angels in America and Once on This Island, but I wasn't sure how I could justify spending top dollar on them. At the same time, it's widely expected that tickets to both shows will increase after the tony nominations. For Miss You Like Hell, not only are tickets expensive, but there is a limited number of performances. It really felt like the Lottery was my only option for scoring tickets to these shows. And it happened! 

I know what you're thinking: either "some guys have all the luck" or "who is this kid sleeping with", but I swear that neither are applicable in this case! I'm just strategic about what I enter the lottery for and what I buy tickets to in advance. I'm also extremely persistent when it comes to Broadway ticket lotteries. I pick the tickets that I'd prefer to purchase through the lottery based on each show's price point and the amount of time I'm willing to wait to see the show. Once that decision is made I incorporate entering the online lottery into my morning routine. If there is no online lottery, as was the case with Once On This Island, I identify dates when stopping by the theater to enter is convenient to my schedule. Eventually it pays off. And when it doesn't, I buy the ticket at the Box Office or online. 

The reality is that for each of these thrilling broadway lottery wins, there are so many lotteries I lost. That's why for other shows I've seen recently, such as Spongebob and Rocktopia, it made more sense to buy my ticket in advance and pay full price.

Are you dying to see a show or on a short timeline? You should buy in advance at the Box Office or Online. If you are local and don't mind trying your luck, then the lottery is the way to go. With so many different ways to enter the Broadway ticket lotteries, there is no reason not to try. 

Check out these resources to stay on top of lottery opportunities:

  1. Today Tix NYC - You need to download this app pronto
  2. - It's exactly what it sounds like. Simple, blunt, but so damn useful.
  3. Broadway Direct - Makes it so easy to enter a bunch of lotteries at once, including Angels in America.
  4. Playbill - They regularly update information on all the Broadway ticket lotteries. It's a godsend. 


persistence is key! keep the faith and win those lottery tickets!