I won the Angels in America lottery!

Angels in America Marquee on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theater

Angels in America: Millenium Approaches & Perestroika


Written by: Tony Kushner

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Nathan Lane, Lee Pace

Neil Simon Theater on Broadway

Attended on March 31, 2018

How did you win the lottery?

Luck and persistence. 

I've been entering the Angels in America lottery to no avail since it opened. 

When I read the glowing NY Times review I thought I was totally screwed. A show with multiple celebrities AND an awesome review in the Times? Just two months before the Tony Awards? How the hell was I going to get a seat without selling my left arm on the black market/reddit???

Enter the magical ticket lottery. I used this link to enter the lottery. Like, every day.

After many failures I finally got the email. I won two tickets to the Saturday performances on March 31st! I promptly canceled all my previously scheduled plans and found a fabulous friend to accompany me for the day. 

Thank you, sweet, sweet lottery tickets.


How much were the tickets?
$35 per person for each show. I paid $70 + $5 fee to attend parts I and II. Totally worth it.


Angels in America on Broadway

Winning the lottery to a Broadway show will make you sprout wings and FLY.

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